10 Years of Baabuk

2023 marks a whole decade of woolly cosiness with Baabuk. We’re incredibly proud to have gotten this far – 10 years is a real achievement! But more than anything, we’ve been blown away by the amount of support we’ve achieved throughout our journey.

We want to thank everyone who has been on the adventure with us. Whether you’ve been here from the beginning, or you joined us last week, we really do appreciate each and every last one of you.

In fact, we’re inviting our team, partners and customers to celebrate with us throughout the whole of 2023. And we’ve got lots of plans in store! Keep your eyes peeled for announcements coming soon…
  • Throwback products
  • Brand new products
  • A party in Lausanne this autumn
  • Virtual parties
  • International competitions
  • And more…

10k for 10 years

The first celebration to announce is our biggest competition yet: our global/virtual 10km challenge.

The Baabuk team is made up of dreamers, and as a shoe company, we’re always championing the idea of moving and looking ahead, whilst always putting your best foot forward.

This competition is all about that. We’re inviting you to propel yourself forward into 2023, and celebrate the next 10 years of Baabuk by completing 10km. With surprises ranging from weekends away to a 10 year supply of Baabuks, this is not one to miss.

You can walk, run, skip, crawl, bike, roll, swim, or trot your way to 10km. Whatever you fancy! It’s completely free to join, and you can take part from anywhere in the world. Plus, you can complete the 10km in as many stints as you need – you just need to submit before September.

In true Baabuk style, we always encourage a sprinkling of creativity to spice things up. So take that forward into this 10km! Let your imagination run wild and get inventive with what you wear during the 10k, what you might do along the way, as well as where you do it. You might even be in with the chance to win more prizes this way…

Prizes range from a pair of Baabuk shoes to gift cards, to unique one-of-a-kind surprises! To start, each week we'll randomly select one new registrant to receive a FREE Baabuk tote bag. All participants who submit completed results will receive a FREE wool case, perfect for holding pencils, glasses, or accessories.

Here are just some of the categories that you can win prizes for:

  • Fastest 10k
  • Slowest 10k
  • Most unique map
  • Highest elevation gain
  • Earliest to submit results
  • Furthest distance in Baabuk sneakers (must submit with image of shoes worn)
  • Cutest sheep encountered on run (must submit sheep image with results)
  • Most creative use of the 10km (e.g. picking up trash, carolling to neighbours, etc)

All finishers from Europe will be entered to win a free weekend stay at La Petite Auberge Baabuk in Tanay. All finishers will be entered to win our grand prize – one pair of Baabuk shoes each year for the next 10 years!

And MORE categories and prizes are yet to be announced!

All you need to do to take part is sign up, track your activity, and submit results to unlock the creative prizes, and submit. Learn more and sign up below.

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