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baabuk ibt fall fashion

International Business Times / September 2020

Fall Fashion 2020 Trends: Outfit And Accessories For Men This Year
"The shade of brown they used for the top is just the right amount of playful without going into gaudy territory and the muted burnt orange rubber lifts the sneakers just a bit, serving as a focal point to your overall style. You simply can't go wrong with them."
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baabuk Pebble Mag

Pebble Magazine / August 2020

15 Ethical And Vegan Shoe Brands For Autumn
"Baabuk is a great example of just how versatile wool can be. Its trainers for men and women are made out of 100% felted wool. They’re naturally breathable and antibacterial and the felted wool is also water-repellent."
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baabuk international business times

International Business Times / June 2020

Baabuk Sky Wooler Sneakers (Hands-on) Review: Looking Productive While Working Comfortably
"The Baabuk Sky Wooler sneakers are not conventional shoes. They do however paint an interesting picture of what conventional shoes can be. Instead of having to choose between comfort and presentability, it's possible to get the best of both worlds through these wool shoes."
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baabuk daily pop

E! News - Daily Pop / June 2020

"These unique sneakers are made of 100% Portuguese mulesing-free sheep wool that's temperature regulating. Baabuk is a certified B Corporation, meaning they are 'legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.' "
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baabuk sustainable jungle

Sustainable Jungle / June 2020

11 Eco Friendly & Ethical Slippers for the Eco-zy minded
"While all these brands have us feeling a little cozier about the world of ethical footwear, our favorite, tippy top (or should we say tippy toe?) ethical AND environmentally friendly slippers are: Baabuk’s Sustainable Wool Slippers for their ethically sourced wool and natural rubber soles ..."
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baabuk VOgue

Vogue / May 2020

6 Eco-Friendly Clothing Items to Help You Shop More Sustainably
"Made from wool – which Baabuk, a certified B-Corp, refers to as “nature’s magic fiber” – sourced in New Zealand, these shoes are built to last. Wool itself is a renewable resource, as sheep grow their coats annually. Shearing sheep is a necessary haircut as the season’s change; it keeps them clean, agile, cool and able to continue to produce more durable, hydrophobic wool. These boots will keep you hot, cold, and everything in between for season after season, year after year."
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baabuk money crashers

Money Crashers / April 2020

"B Lab’s B-Corporation certification signifies companies’ commitment to upholding high human rights and environmental standards. Though quite rigorous, it’s increasingly popular with smaller apparel brands like Baabuk. Baabuk’s super-comfortable wool footwear and accessories are responsibly sourced from humanely raised sheep and built to last, reducing their products’ carbon footprint and overall environmental impact."
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baabuk Project Hatch

Project Hatch / April 2020

How We Started Our Sustainable Footwear Brand and Sold Over 100K Shoes Since 2015
"Our inspiration came from the traditional Valenki boots that have been used in Siberia for centuries to withstand the frigid winter. The Valenki is a simple, yet extremely technical product that helps maintain body temperature even when external temperatures reach -40 degree. It was sustainable before “sustainability” was a concern"
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baabuk LFM Radio

LFM Radio / April 2020

"L'initiative d'entraide de la marque de chaussure "Baabuk""
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baabuk AGEFI

AGEFI / April 2020

"Cette situation n'est pas facile mais, comme tout changement, permet de tester la solidité de notre structure et aboutir à de nouvelles opportunités. La réaction et la réorganisation de notre équipe était immédiate. Nous avons déjà l'habitude de travailler à distance, la présence au bureau n'étant pas obligatoire. Nous avons eu une série de brainstormings pour repenser notre distribution et notre communication. Des nouvelles idées jaillissaient de tous les côtés."
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baabuk authority magazine

Authority Magazine / April 2020

How Dan Witting of Baabuk Is Helping To Tackle Climate Change & Become More Sustainable
"With Baabuk, we wanted to create something for the future. A responsible product good for the planet, good for you. Since the early days at Baabuk, we realized that making a shoe goes beyond just design and production. It’s about making products that respects people, our environment, and society."
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baabuk RTS

RTS / March 2020

RTS shares the story of the Valais Blacknose Sheep and Baabuk's part of their story.
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baabuk sourcingjorunal

Sourcing Journal/ March 2020

Wool Lends Footwear Brands a Stylish Sustainability Story
"Baabuk was responding to consumer demand for multi-use styles, silhouettes suited for both work and weekend. The Sky Wooler has been a hit among young professionals for its modern styling and adaptable properties ... "
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baabuk detroit fashion journal

Detroit Fashion Journal/ March 2020

Baabuk: Sustainable Footwear Brand Launches Spring 2020 Collection To Assist Less Fortunate Communities
"Baabuk, a sustainable footwear brand is known for placing an emphasis on social responsibility. Since the beginning, they have carefully and thoughtfully chosen specific cities as their factory base with the mission to help those communities rebuild and sometimes “survive” during difficult times."
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baabuk mens jorunal

Mens Journal/ February 2020

The Best Head-to-Toe Winter Wool Layers for Outdoor Performance
"Ethically sourced, naturally warm, breathable and water-resistant sneakers? Yep. From slippers to boots, and now sneakers, the Swiss brand Baabuk has been consistently making felt footwear since 2013. Its latest offering, the Sky Wooler, does not disappoint."
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baabuk Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone/ December 2019

The Best Eco-Friendly Gifts to Give This Year
"These wool sneakers from Swiss shoemaker Baabuk are not only super comfortable, they’re also sustainable, made from 100% sheep wool — a naturally occurring, renewable resource ... Baabuk is a family-owned company that is B-Corp certified, meaning it meets the global non-profit’s guidelines for social and environmental performance"
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baabuk InsideHook

Inside Hook/ December 2019

The 50 Best Gifts for the Women in Your Life
"If you’re looking for a long-lasting pair of slippers that are equal parts comfortable and sustainable, here they are. These felted wool slippers from Swiss-designer Baabuk are made by hand using only 100% New Zealand wool, soap and water, and they’re super light, soft and totally unique."
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baabuk Bustle

Bustle/ December 2019

11 Sustainable Gifts For 2019 The Environmentalist On Your List Will Love
"Made in Nepal with wool from New Zealand and designed in Switzerland, BAABUK are the very definition of sustainability. Because each artists who make the slippers bring their own technique and vision to their process, no two slippers are the same."
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baabuk JustLuxe

JustLuxe/ December 2019

"Now that winter is officially here, he is going to need to warm up and the folks at Baabuk have designed the perfect pair of slippers with him in mind. Made with sustainably sourced wool from New Zealand, the environmentally friendly slippers are made with ultra-cozy materials and feature a modern design created in Switzerland and handmade in Nepal."
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baabuk dailybeast

DailyBeast / November 2019

If You Want Shoes That Are Both Breathable and Sustainable, Get One of These Wool Ones
"The elastic laces mean you can just slip these on and off with ease, something most sneakers don’t allow you to do. They come in eight different colors, including a special Blacknose Edition, inspired by the adorable Blacknose Sheep. They’re washable, durable, and ready for anything."
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baabuk ny lifestyles mag

New York Lifestyles Magazine / November 2019

"If you’re looking for a comfortable and cozy sneaker, Sky Wooler sneakers are handcrafted from 100 percent Portuguese mulesing-free sheep wool. The wool is breathable with natural wicking properties that keep your feet at a comfortable temperature, keeping cold out in the winter, without the sweat. The merino lining is also itch-free."
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baabuk local adventurer

Local Adventurer / November 2019

"We recently got a pair of the Baabuk Sky Woolers. The Merino lining makes it cozy and itch-free inside. The 100% wool uppers make the shoes durable, flexible, and water-repellent. Wool has natural wicking properties and it is breathable making it great for warm or cool weather."
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baabuk boston globe

Boston Globe / October 2019

"A line of colorful slippers — easy to slip into your suitcase — are handmade in Nepal with natural wool from New Zealand and 100 percent natural crepe rubber sole. The wool’s natural wicking and breathable properties keep your feet at a comfortable temperature, whether it’s hot or cold, inside or out."
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baabuk SheKnows

SheKnows / October 2019

"Saving the world, one pair of slippers at a time. These exclusive, limited-series slippers were upcycled reusing manufacturing offcuts from freeride and ski mountaineering skins by POMOCA."
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baabuk fatherly article

Fatherly / October 2019

"Not only do they look good on your feet, you can rest easy knowing every step you take in Baabuk kicks has less impact on the earth and more impact on the communities that make them. That makes “look good, feel good” mean a whole lot more. "
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baabuk wallpaper magazine

Wallpaper Magazine / September 2019

"With its beginnings as a Kickstarter-funded maker of natural wool slippers, Swiss brand Baabuk has since expanded into wool-based sneakers"

baabuk blacknose 24heures

24heures / July 2019

"Baabuk, la jeune marque lausannoise de chaussures originales, veut hausser le rythme de sa course! Née en 2013, la start-up installée désormais dans les Ateliers de Renens, vend déjà ses produits dans 60 pays et réalise un chiffre d’affaires de plus de 1 million de francs. Pour lancer de nouveaux projets et stimuler sa croissance, elle veut lever 3 millions de francs auprès d’investisseurs."
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baabuk pomobuk_sputnik news

Sputnik News / May 2019

Désormais, les propriétaires de l'entreprise familiale savent sur quel pied danser: du pied chaussé de feutre doux. Au début simple hobby pour le mari de Galina et elle-même, c'est devenu un travail à temps plein… et prospère.
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baabuk_business insider

Business Insider / January 2019

Baabuk's wool shoes are some of the most comfortable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing options on the market. ... Regardless of which of Baabuk's shoes you opt for, you'll be doing your feet a favor. And given that wool is one of the more sustainable materials available for shoe-making these days, you're not doing badly by Mother Earth either.
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baabuk pomobuk_ethical unicorn

Ethical Unicorn / January 2019

They’re so comfortable and comforting, and they are a small but significant way to fight the harshness of winter on my body. They’re easy to wear, easy to walk around in, and never a problem. They’re a pretty perfect slipper.
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baabuk_business insider

Business Insider / October 2018

This certified b-corp is not only dedicated to making socially responsible choices but is also making supremely comfortable and varied shoes. While the first Baabuk shoe was actually a slipper, the team has since expanded its lineup to sneakers and boots as well, so you're almost certain to find a style that suits your personal brand.
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tinkertravels - baabuk

TinkerTravels / July 2018

I can honestly say I would recommend these sneakers to anyone. They have to be one of the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. Even in the heat my feet did not sweat and being able to wear no socks with a pair of sneakers is an added bonus. I have no doubt these Urban Woolers will stand the test of time as the quality is top notch!
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SuccessIsForAll / June 2018

I hate sneakers. I love these. Rather than just looking good, these also provide features that will make your summer life better ... Baabuk Urban Wooler is what Successisforall is about products that help. No other sneakers on the market help as much as these.
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L'Essenziale Home Designs / May 2018

I was surprised that even in a warm climate of Spain I felt very comfortable in them. The sole is also great – it repeats the shape of a foot, very elastic and is made of TPO which is a much strider, stronger and long-lasting rubber. And my absolute favorite is the elastic shoelaces, perfect for lazy people like me – I only spend a couple of seconds to slide my shoes on.... Read more


Froilein Couture / May 2018

Sie schauen nicht nur super toll aus und machen mich mit der frischen roten Farbe absolut happy, sondern sind auch super bequem, man muss keine Schuhbänder binden (wie super ist das bitte!?) und sind nicht heißer oder feuchtigkeitsdurchlässiger als andere Sneakers. Ich bin also wirklich begeistert du überlege stark mir noch welche in schwarz zu kaufen .... Read more

baabuk_mummy adventure

The Mummy Adventure / April 2018

I love how they are ethically produced and made and I love the style which is fun and colourful and so easy to wear. I have worn these shoes everywhere recently and they seem really versatile .... Read more

baabuk_un peu savage

Un Peu Sauvage / April 2018

First of all: as I said before, most of the time, I have problems with shoes, so I was afraid that it would happen the same with these Urban Wooler, but as soon as they arrived and I tried them, they were perfect.... Read more


Sustainably Chic / April 2018

It’s like walking on little pillows in these guys! They are incredibly comfortable so if you need a pair of shoes to wear all day, or you’re traveling, these are the ones to get {OR if you are 8 months pregnant like me!}.... Read more

baabuk_knitters review

Knitters Review / April 2018

Just keep those elastic laces tied tight, because people are going to notice and they’re going to want a pair. My dentist almost wrestled me for mine .... Read more

baabuk_ethical unicorn

Ethical Unicorn / March 2018

They’re unique but adaptable, meaning I can get a ton of wear out of them, and most importantly they’re comfy. Like, really really comfy ... These trainers are standing strong and only seem to be getting better with each wear, which is the kind of sustainability that I’m on board with. I love that they’re made in Europe, as I’m a bit proponent of supporting local, and I think these are going to be with me for a long long time.... Read more


n4mummy / February 2018

Are you a slippers kind of person? I am ... However my husband is definitely not. Well that was until recently. Since he received a pair of Baabuk slippers, Baabuk’s ethical and eco-friendly slippers. All of a sudden, he’s become a slipper man. I’d love to say it’s because they are produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly way, but I suspect it’s because they look so darn good and are incredibly comfy. .... Read more

baabuk_wasted blog

The Wasted Blog / March 2018

When it comes to fit, let me tell you, comfortable doesn’t even give these shoe justice. Imagine floating on cloud 9 shoes heaven…..then you’ll get closer. These shoes are the definition of bomb diggity and I will never take them off! NEVER!!!! .... Read more



Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine / 2017

Go for it! It's a decision you won't regret. Starting a business is a real challenge and the journey is full of surprises and discoveries. My advice is don't think too much and just do it, you will experience so many things and learn so much with your own business.

24heures sept 2017

24heures / Sept. 2017

 De fibre russe, ils veulent habiller nos pieds de laine feutree.


Baabuk Cozy Review


Cosy - Mountain Swiss / Dec 2016

Quand la neige tombe, que le feu de cheminée crépite et que les pieds ne demandent qu'à être emmitouflés, on a trouvé des chaussons hyper comfortables... 

Nashagazeta Baabuk Press

Nashagazeta / Oct 2016

Valenkis, Valenkis Suisse... Read more

Rostigraben Baabuk Press

Rostigraben / Sept 2016

Une basket faite de laine de mouton, 100% naturelle, à porter sans chaussettes tout au long de l’année. C’est le produit qu’a développé un couple d’entrepreneurs vaudois après deux ans de travail acharné... Read more

Les Petits Genevois Baabuk

Les Petits Genevois / Aug 2016

Et une chouette histoire se cache derrière ces créations. Baabuk est suisse mais…. né en Indonésie! Je t’explique: Galina et Dan ont vécu durant quatre ans à Jakarta... Read more

The ADDRESS Magazine Baabuk Press

The ADDRESS Magazine / Apr 2016

We love the company’s philosophy behind the shoes. They are inspired by nature and driven by tradition, then perfected by modern technology, with a stylish design... Read more 

El Pais Baabuk

El Pais / Apr 2016

Tus próximos sneakers serán de lana de oveja, muy cómodas y frescas en verano. La revolución del calzado deportivo sostenible pasa por evitar los materiales sintéticos y apostar por la máxima sensación de comodidad... Read more

Business Magazine Baabuk

Business Magazine / Apr 2016

On peut facilement imaginer que dans peu de temps l’histoire de la marque de chaussures lausannoise Baabuk sera racontée dans les colonnes des plus grands magazines de mode. Oui, le succès de ces modèles confectionnés avec de la laine feutrée est largement prévisible... Read more

Bloomberg Baabuk

Bloomberg / Mar 2016

Baabuk, a Swiss startup, says a line of wool sneakers it launched in October is getting traction all over the world... Read more

Migros Magazine

Migros Magazine / Feb 2016

La start-up vaudoise Baabuk s’est spécialisée dans la fabrication de chaussures à base de laine naturelle. Une idée originale qui s’inspire des origines russes de sa cofondatrice Galina Witting... Read more

La Télé / Jan 2016

Galina Witting cherchait un sens à sa vie. [..] elle lance sa marque de baskets en laine Baabuk. Entrepreneurs s'intéresse à cette start-up lausannoise qui vient de recueillir 170'000 francs de financement participatif.... Read more

20 Minutes / Jan 2016

Une entreprise produit des chaussures en laine fabriquées grâce à une technique russe ancestrale... Read more

Marie Claire / Jan 2016

Baabuk? Derrière ce drôle de nom se cache une start-up suisse fabriquant des souliers en laine feutrée inspirés des Valenki, les bottes traditionnelles russes... Read more


La 1ère / Dec 2015

Galina Witting et son mari ont suivi un parcours tout à fait traditionnel. HEC pour elle et EPFL pour lui. Diplômé, le jeune couple se lance dans la vie active. Un soir, ils reçoivent un cadeau... Read more

24 Heures / Dec 2015

L'histoire commence le jour où la Lausannoise d'origine russe Galina reçoit une paire de bottes tranditionnelles "valenki" super chaude, mais pas très fasion... Read more

Femina / Nov 2015

De la fusion du mot «babushka» (grand-mère en russe) et de «baa», onomatopée semblable au bêlement du mouton, est née Baabuk: une start-up suisse qui s’est lancée dans la création de chaussures en laine feutrée... Read more

Le Temps / Nov 2015

A Lausanne, la laine feutrée n'a pas dit son dernier mot. On connaît bien les UGG, ces bottes australienne en daim, à enfiler sans chaussettes... Read more

Le Bilan / Nov 2015

Une startup romande s'est inspirée des bottes russes traditionnelles en laine pour créer une gamme de chaussures, baskets, chaussons, sneakers, bottes,... Grâce au crowdfunding et au e-commerce, les ventes de Baabuk augmentent à grande vitesse... Read more

La revue suisse / Nov 2015

Alors qu'en Indonésie nos pieds souffrent du froid, le moment est venu de raconter l'histoire de Dan et Galina Witting, deux Suisses installés à l'étranger... Read more

The Week / Oct 2015

Finally, a sneaker that can be worn without socks year-round. The Swiss startup that makes these shoes uses natural wool, which is water-repellent and anti-bacterial... Read more 

Fashion United / Oct 2015

Nu beginnende modemerken en winkels voor startkapitaal niet meer terecht kunnen bij banken, lijkt crowdfunding de beste optie... Read more

Le Matin / Oct 2015

Baabuk, c'est une histoire helvérico-russe qui a débutée en Indonésie. A Jakarta pour être exact... Read more

Cool Material / Sep 2015

Wool Anti-Bacterial Sneakers You Can Safely Wear Without Socks.. Available in some cool contrasting color options, each pair is a perfect alternative to the Vans, Chucks and Adidas options you’ve been wearing all Summer... Read more

Hi Consumption / Sep 2015

Wool sneakers by Baabuk... Read more

Ideas for Innovation PSFK / Sep 2015

Baabuk's wool shoes are water-repellent, anti-bacterial footwear that are shape-conforming and breathable... Read more

2014 and before

30 Verbier & Zermatt / Dec 2014

Vous n'aimez pas avoir froid aux pied? ... The article is in French. Read more

Marie-Claire Suisse / Dec 2014

Warm and style... Trend recommendations by Marie-Claire. The article is in French. Read more

La Gruyere / Jul 2014

Galina giving an interview with the Gruyere Newpaper explaining the story of Baabuk. The article is in French. Read more 

Plumetis Magazine / Sep 2014:

BAABUK felted wool shoes... What else? Read more 

Kickstarter Baabuk

Kickstarter Campaign / Dec 2013: 

Wool shoes – It’s new, it’s audacious! Inspired by the Russian Valenki’s. The Baabuk adventure started with a pair of traditional Russian Valenki shoes found two years ago under the Christmas tree.... Watch the video

Nankyokusei / Feb 2014

An excellent article in a newspaper distributed to more than 10k Japanese readers in Jakarta. The article is in Japanese. Read more 1 - 2

International Business TV Baabuk

International Business TV / Feb 2014

During the ISPO 2014 Expo in Munich, we had an interview with the International Business TV about how we started, our inspiration and our goal.

Herdsurf Baabuk

HerdSurf / Jan 2014

We were lucky to get invited by Herdsurf to have an skype interview after our Kickstarter Campaign.

Outdoor Live Baabuk

Outdoor Live / Dec 2013

A Review of the Baabuk Slippers by the Outdoor Blog.

Style & Decor / Nov 2013

Galina's first article in the Style & Decor magazine in Indonesia. Read more