We are a small company, so our business performance only has a financial impact on a small number of people. Nevertheless, we believe everything we do makes an impact on our global society, environment and economy so that everyone in the world is a stakeholder in how we run Baabuk.

Understanding that doing good and making money are not mutually exclusive, we chose early on to prioritize people and the planet when we do business.

Deciding to focus on this mission has always been a big part of who we are, but we were left with the question of the best way to convey our values to everyone else. That’s when we learned about B Corp certification.


To become B Corp certified, a business must meet a set of rigorous assessments for balancing purpose and profit. Criteria include standards for social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

At Baabuk, we’ve always been focused on more than making money and feel that we have a responsibility to work for the benefit of the public. Because of that, it was an easy decision to apply for B Corp status.

Becoming certified in 2017 verified for our employees, community, vendors, customers, partners and friends that we are doing our upmost to make the world a better place to live and do business.

As one of 3,000 B Corp certified businesses in 60 countries covering 150 different industries, we’re proud to be a part of this global community using business as a force for good to solve social and environmental problems.


As agents of transforming corporate culture, B Corps are guided by the universal call to action “B the Change.”

By not only following this motto in daily practice but also promoting it through inspirational storytelling and practical applications, B Corps educate organizations on how to be more accountable in the workplace and inspire people to collaborate with like-minded individuals committed to purpose-driven business.


B Lab, the global nonprofit that designates companies a B Corp, is working toward a future in which all companies compete not only to be the best in the world, but the Best for the World®.

You can see our current B Corp impact score and report on the B Corp website. Our certification score is calculated based on four impact areas: governance, workers, community and environment.

Our assessment also gives us specific steps we can implement to make improvements to our business that will make positive societal and environmental impacts.

Every two years, we must seek re-certification. Our last re-certification came in 2021. Read more about the process and our updated score.