Introducing our Urban Wooler 2018 Style

Our Urban Wooler sneakers have become a favorite of Baabuk fans due to their breathability, comfort, and all-year styling. Since first launching this line, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback and suggestions for future improvements. After listening closely to this feedback and working closely with our production workshop, we’re excited to announce the new 2018 line of our Urban Wooler sneakers!

The first thing you’ll notice is the new addition of two new colors; Light Grey and Sky Blue. Throughout the summer, we’ll be rolling out this new line in some of your favorite colors from the original Urban Wooler line, including Black, Orange, and Bordeaux Red

new urban wooler

In addition to the new colors, we’ve also made a style change to our logo placement. In the original line, our friendly Baabuk sheep logo could be found along the side of each Urban Wooler. To appeal to a more modern style, we’ve removed this embroidery and instead added a sleek “Baabuk” tag along the top of the tongue. This small but impactful change has been widely requested as Urban Woolers become an everyday-wear shoe.

We’ve made some significant changes to our quality and durability, to continue ensuring that your Urban Woolers can withstand daily use. We’ve reinforced the material in the heel and added additional toe protection in the front to strengthen the shoe. We’re also now using a more durable, yet still lightweight TPU rubber sole. These soles will withstand daily use without weighing you down.

new urban wooler

We’re very excited about this new announcement and we think you’re going to love the new styles and improvements. Head over to our Urban Wooler collection and try a pair for yourself! Of course, we would love to hear your feedback – we’re always available at Let us know what you think!