How to Choose Shoes for the Summer

Summer is finally here, which means plenty of sunshine for time outdoors. And that means spending lots of time on your feet! If you’re ditching your winter boots and looking for a new pair of shoes for the summer, you may want to keep the following factors in mind.


Keeping Those Toes Cool

We may not like to talk about it, but summer is the season for hot, sweaty feet. Luckily, you don’t have to wear sandals all day to let your feet breathe. While synthetic fabric tends to trap heat and moisture in, a natural fiber such as wool is breathable.

This lets moisture evaporate, which keeps your feet cooler and minimizes swelling. So you can wear sneakers and keep your cool.

Antibacterial Power

Did you know that shoes can have antibacterial properties? The natural wool of the Baabuk urban wooler is breathable, preventing the growth of bacteria. And bacteria are what create that stinky feet odor.

So with wool shoes, you can go ahead and leave the socks off, without the fear of scaring off your friends with smelly feet.

Water Repellent

Summertime is when your inner explorer can come out! You want to be able to explore paths through the woods or keep walking through a refreshing rain shower. It’s helpful to have water repellent shoes to keep your feet comfortable no matter where you want to walk.

When picking a shoe for the summer, you’ll want to find one with a water repellent quality to be ready for whatever mother nature throws your way!


Summer means lots of walking, and you need durable soles that will support you all summer long. Many sneakers are made with foam or rubber soles with varying levels of durability.

The material of the sole is often the biggest factor in the durability of a shoe, so keep that in mind when picking your summer shoe! A cheap foam sole may not take you as far as a sturdy rubber sole.

Whatever you choose, you’ll want a shoe that provides a balance of strength and flexibility so that you always have support underneath you.


Find your perfect shoes for the summer!