Comfort, Revised - The Urban Wooler

At Baabuk, we’ve taken a traditional process of wool production with attention to detail, and evolved it for a modern-day fit. This Comfort, Revised philosophy allows us to focus on designing innovative products without compromising traditional quality.

An example of this philosophy in practice is our Urban Wooler sneakers.


The Urban Wooler is made in Europe (Portugal to be exact) in a workshop that has been called a “serial production museum”. Using machinery dating back to 1892, the men and women crafting the Urban Woolers take great care in ensuring consistent quality and attention to detail.

Additionally, our shoes are produced from 100% responsibly sourced wool, which comes from the happy and free-roaming sheep of the local Serra da Estrela Natural Park, ensuring ethical treatment and delivering mulesing-free wool. All supplies, such as the soles, laces, and boxes, are sourced within a 200km radius of our workshop to reduce the carbon footprint of material transport. 

responsible manufacturing


The story behind our Urban Woolers doesn’t just sound good. The careful and detailed production results in shoes with unrivaled comfort and longlasting quality. 

Being 100% wool, they have more flexibility than a standard sneaker, which means less wear-and-tear on your feet. They’re designed to be comfortable right out of the box with no socks required. No blisters and no pain - Urban Woolers are ready on day-one.

Wool is a naturally porous material, making it lightweight and breathable. Its added antibacterial and temperature regulating properties ensure that your sockless summers don’t turn into sweaty summers. We've even run tests to measure this claim. In these trials, our shoes significantly outperformed traditional sneakers, measuring 6-times less humidity after just twenty minutes of walking. The Urban Wooler is designed to keep the humidity low and comfort high. 

The comfort of wool doesn't come at the cost of durability. Because wool is more resistant than cotton, our shoes can withstand the test of everyday wear. Additionally, Urban Woolers have durable soles that are built to last. They're made from lightweight and strong recycled TPO material, so they can be worn every day without worrying about the soles wearing away. 



We’ve taken many steps to ensure our products are good for our customers and good for our planet. Although this doesn’t always result in the easiest option or the cheapest method, we understand the importance in keeping to this principle.

In-line with this principle, we are proud to be part of the B-Corp movement which inspires to use business to help solve social and environmental issues. Further, we are marching towards implementing the United Nation Sustainable Development Goal 12, which is targetted at ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

When you slide on your Urban Woolers, you will, of course, feel the comfort of the shoe, but you can also have comfort in knowing that you’re wearing a truly guilt-free shoe. A shoe that was produced responsibly with consideration for every part of the process - the people, the sheep, and the planet.