Made in Nepal

Made in Nepal // August 14, 2015

Baabuk slippers now have the "made in Nepal" label. Our new workshop is up and running and about to dispatch the first set of 900 pairs to the rest of the world. 

900 pairs is a reasonable amount for a shoe factory but a big step forward for Baabuk at this stage. I just came back from Kathmandu where I spent one week on quality checks and last fine tunings. Together with the 30 pairs of production samples I brought back a general feeling that Baabuk is on the right path - wool is easy to felt, the shoes of top quality, people we work with, our partners, extremely competent and nice. 

Earlier this year we visited Nepal and met different producers of wool goods. Convinced by their expertise we thought about moving our production units their. Between the moment we took this decision and this first delivery we have been through many up's and down's, hope and total uncertainty - short time frame, trouble to find a forwarder for our machines, the whole shipment blocked at the borders, and finally these two terrible earthquakes that shook Nepal and left thousands of people homeless. 

Looking back at the last six months, I feel proud and grateful. In a relatively short period we concretised our plan, put in place a new well thought and organised factory, improved the quality and finishing of our products and, most of all, brought new work facilities in a country we love, that really needs and deserves it. 

This first delivery might be the smallest amount we will have to deliver but I know it will be the biggest achievement in our production archive.




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Sizing Chart


To find your perfect size, please use our Size Finder page.

This is the BAABUK sizing chart for our sneaker/urban wooler collection

Choosing the right shoes online can be difficult, in addition to regular sizing, we offer additional measurements in the chart below so that you can measure your foot to get the perfect fit.

Note that our shoes are made of wool. Wool is a stretchable material that will adapt itself to your foot. I general we recommend that if you have a larger feet or if you are in between two sizes  to take the size above (e.g EU 42 1/2 -> 43).

Size chart :

EU Size

Lengths (mm)

Girth (mm)



In order to choose your perfect pair just measure the length and girth of your feet.

To measure the length you can put your feet on a with page of paper and draw the line in front and at the back of your feet (the highest point at the front and at the back). The length can vary between 1 and 2 mm. To measure the girth you will circle your feet at the ball part. Check this link how to measure the ball girth.

If your feet is large we suggest that you choose the size above that is matching to the girth given in our chart.

The pictures below will help you with these measurements : 

Size Chart Baabuk

Please not that if the size you choose doesn't fit you perfectly you can exchange your shoes.

Slipper Sizing:

The slipper are hand-felted in one piece without any stitching. The advantage of these kind of slippers is that with the time, your feel will continue to felt the slippers and they will take the shape of your feet.

We have cut the opening of the shoes a little bit tighter. For the kids and female sizes we have cut a litle 'V' cut to make it easier to entre the shoe. In case you feel its still too tight, just cut with a scisor the 'V' a little bit bigger. That is only possible with hand-felted wool slippers.

Converting US/EU Sizes? Use our Size Finder page.

Conditions : Please contact us if you want to exchange the shoes. Once we have validate your request you can ship us the unused shoe (on your charges). We will ship you back a new pair (on our charges).

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