What is Wool?

What is Wool? // July 13, 2015


Wool is as special textile fiber that is produced mostly from sheep. In a broader sense of the term, it also includes cashmere (from goats), mohair (from goats), angora (from rabbits) and qiviut (from muskoxen).

What Makes Wool Special?

Wool is considered as one of the most unique and multipurpose fibers in the known world. Here are some of the characteristics that make it extra special:

It insulates. Wool does not trap heat; instead, it has the ability to keep your body at an even temperature. In simpler terms, it will keep you warm during cold weather and cool during warm weather. How magical is that?

It absorbs water. Now you may ask yourself: why wear something that will absorb water? Won’t that end up ruining a product? To elaborate on this further, wool’s ability to absorb (and release) water prevents moisture from being held at the skin. Simply put, you won’t get the cold feeling you get from wearing wet shoes made from synthetic material.

It is not clingy. Unlike other materials (think nylons, rayons and cottons), wool clothing does not cling to your skin. This is important because the extra space between your skin and the material allows for circulation of air, making the experience more comfortable and insulated.

It is crimped. At first glance, this may not be a very appealing property. But as far as functionality is concerned, the crimped material allows for wool to stretch and return to its natural length. This property makes it one of the most elastic materials there is. The result is a fiber that is both strong and durable.

It is fire resistant. In layman’s terms, it does not easily burn. It can even be used as an insulating material for homes. For that feature alone, wool should be your fabric of choice!

It is adaptable. You want your wool products in various colors? Done! Wool has a natural white raw color that allows it to take dye colors with ease.

It is hypoallergenic. You heard it right, this fiber is not only naturally mildew resistant but also has the ability to be safe even for people who have sensitive skin. Statistically, there are a few people who can have adverse reactions to wool, and it is mostly because of the products used to treat the wool (during manufacturing) and not the wool itself! 

Why Wool Shooes and Slippers?

Because of its insulating capabilities, wool has been one of the most popular and readily available fabrics used by people for hundreds of years. For as long as mankind has been trying to keep itself from freezing or hit due to extreme temperatures, wool has been there to help provide comfort. As such, this fiber has proven itself a great material for shoes and slippers.

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Sizing Chart


To find your perfect size, please use our Size Finder page.

This is the BAABUK sizing chart for our sneaker/urban wooler collection

Choosing the right shoes online can be difficult, in addition to regular sizing, we offer additional measurements in the chart below so that you can measure your foot to get the perfect fit.

Note that our shoes are made of wool. Wool is a stretchable material that will adapt itself to your foot. I general we recommend that if you have a larger feet or if you are in between two sizes  to take the size above (e.g EU 42 1/2 -> 43).

Size chart :

EU Size

Lengths (mm)

Girth (mm)



In order to choose your perfect pair just measure the length and girth of your feet.

To measure the length you can put your feet on a with page of paper and draw the line in front and at the back of your feet (the highest point at the front and at the back). The length can vary between 1 and 2 mm. To measure the girth you will circle your feet at the ball part. Check this link how to measure the ball girth.

If your feet is large we suggest that you choose the size above that is matching to the girth given in our chart.

The pictures below will help you with these measurements : 

Size Chart Baabuk

Please not that if the size you choose doesn't fit you perfectly you can exchange your shoes.

Slipper Sizing:

The slipper are hand-felted in one piece without any stitching. The advantage of these kind of slippers is that with the time, your feel will continue to felt the slippers and they will take the shape of your feet.

We have cut the opening of the shoes a little bit tighter. For the kids and female sizes we have cut a litle 'V' cut to make it easier to entre the shoe. In case you feel its still too tight, just cut with a scisor the 'V' a little bit bigger. That is only possible with hand-felted wool slippers.

Converting US/EU Sizes? Use our Size Finder page.

Conditions : Please contact us if you want to exchange the shoes. Once we have validate your request you can ship us the unused shoe (on your charges). We will ship you back a new pair (on our charges).

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