Why Does Some Wool Itch, but Not Merino Wool?

We’ve all experienced that itchy and uncomfortable wool from a grandmother’s sweater, right? Understandably, these experiences can make some worried about other wool clothing. “Wool shoes? But I don’t want itchy feet!”

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about being itchy and uncomfortable with all wool! If you ever had an unpleasant experience with wool materials, then it was most likely due to the type of wool itself – there are many types of wool used for clothing. 

Many producers use cheaper wool to reduce the product cost (a pair of slippers made of 100% merino wool could easily cost over 300 euros!). However, significantly cheaper wool with thicker fibers can cause the skin to itch - making the product very uncomfortable to wear.

So, if you have ever experienced that itchy and uncomfortable feeling in shoes without socks, then you surely weren’t wearing merino-lined sneakers. Unlike other wools and synthetic material, merino wool doesn't itch at all – it is the softest of all wool.

So, what makes Merino wool special and how is that going to benefit you? Let’s first discuss why some wool is itchy in the first place.

Why does wool itch?

It's a common misconception that all types of wool itch. As we mentioned, the biggest factor is the type of the wool used. For example, all of Baabuk's slippers, sneakers, and boots use high-quality wool to avoid itchy feet!

While you might save a few dollars when buying synthetic or cheaper wool products, you will most likely end up not wearing them after a while. These materials can cause your feet to itch and it will make sneakers uncomfortable.

It all comes down to quality.

Does Merino wool itch?

Unlike other wool fibers, Merino wool is very fine and thin. The wool is soft and comfortable to wear. There are a few reasons why this wool different from the others:

  • Fiber length
    Merino wool has an excellent fiber length. When the fibers are shorter, or if wool has a wider fiber length, it will cause an itchy feeling. The fibers will rub against the skin becoming bothersome. Merino wool has lengthy and soft fibers that are comfortable to wear.

  • Fiber diameter.
    Merino wool has a very small diameter. Because of this small diameter, the fiber can bend easier and it's much more flexible.  Merino wool fibers easily bend against the skin and they don't cause itching.

merino lined sneakers

Why should you wear Merino lined sneakers?

Merino lined sneakers are very comfortable to wear. The fibers of the wool don't irritate the skin and in return, they don't cause the itchy and uncomfortable feeling. Although more comfortable than other types of wool, merino wool still maintains the natural benefits of wool, such as antibacterial properties and water resistance.

Don't just take our word on it. Try out a pair of merino-line Urban Woolers for yourself! We are sure that you will find them very comfortable to wear, and of course, itch-free!

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