What does it mean to be a responsible brand?

Ethical brands are slowly changing our world as we know it.

These days, buying products from ethical brands is becoming a more popular and safe way of shopping. Because of their transparency, people feel that they can trust the brand and their production process.

Ethical brands are spreading awareness of why it's important for consumers to care about the source and story behind products They bring attention to small background production details that the average buyer doesn't always think about. 

It's the small details like - does the company's factory promote clean air? How does the brand treat its workers? Where are their materials coming from? Are they actually selling quality products?

Ethical brands focus on the questions above. They put in the effort to make their products responsible from start to finish. They care about their workers, they care about the planet, and they focus on respect - including their customers.

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Defining ourselves as a responsible brand, we wanted to shine some light on what defines a responsible brand and why they are important.

What is an ethical brand?

An ethical brand takes great responsibility for their products, their workers, their customers and the environment. Quality and responsible manufacturing, sourcing, labor, and transit are key considerations in decision-making for these brands. Rather than taking shortcuts for price-breaks, ethical brands opt for the responsible choice.

Why should you support ethical brands?

Buying products from an ethical brand is an easy way to help make a big impact. It shows that you care about the product which you are purchasing and support the mission of the brand.

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There are a few things that make ethical brands what they are:

Healthier environment

Imagine if every product was made in an environment-friendly factory. That would be great for our planet, right?

One of the things that separate ethical brands from others is that they often put a strong focus on our planet. Factories are chosen and designed to produce with a reduced carbon footprint. This means that they take steps to reduce contaminating the air during the production and transit process of the products. Overall, they provide a much healthier atmosphere for their people and their planet. 

Ethical treatment of workers

Responsible brands take care of their workers and know that the company is built by their employees. If the employees are happy, the brand will likely be more successful, and treating people right is a common sense mission. This is why ethical brands take good care of their workers and the working conditions of their facilities. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity – this is what ethical brands stand for.

Transparent production process

Ethical companies are transparent when it comes to their production process. They openly state how their company works, where the materials come from, what the workers do and under what conditions they manufacture their products.

These companies make sure that the buyer is well aware of all of the background work on the product. In reality, when you are running a clean and good business, there is nothing to hide.

Top-notch quality

Finally, the most important thing that you can expect from ethical brands is that their products have quality.

If you are looking to purchase a sustainable fashion piece, you should take a look at an ethical brand. Ethical brands are known for offering quality items, built to last. Not only will you purchase an item that will likely better withstand use, but you will also know that you are supporting an important mission.

 responsible shoe manufacturing

Here at Baabuk, we can proudly state that our brand is an ethical brand. We care about the environment, our workers (including our sheep, our course) and our customers! We have a transparent production process and we give our best efforts to sustain our title as an ethical brand. Baabuk offers a variety of sustainable shoes that are ethically produced to provide maximum quality and comfort to our customers.