#MeetTheArtist - Shraddha Shrestha @Nepal

2023 marks 10 years of Baabuk. As part of our year-long 10th birthday celebrations, we’re launching a complete first, never-done-before, product for Baabuk. Introducing limited edition Baabuk wool T-shirts! This shirt honours and represents the Nepal community that crafts our slippers, with an illustration by Nepalese artist, Shraddha Shrestha.

Question 01

In which way are you proud / do you feel the love for your community and soil? What is dear to you about Nepal / your region?

My work is inspired by and rooted in where I grew up and my surroundings. This has given it its identity.

Despite of its chaos and noise, people here have found harmony within.


Question 02

What are the recurring key elements / figures about your Art? What do you want to transmit through what you draw?

I love character design so I draw and paint a lot of characters. Most of the characters I make are inspired by the traditional Art forms and iconography from Nepal as well as the cartoon characters that I watch when I was kid.

I want my work to be playful, light and a reminder to where I come from.


Question 03

What about the meaning or inspiration behind your Baabuk 10Y design? What did you show / express with it?

Baabuk 10Y design is inspired by the old cityscape and lifestyle of Kathmandu and the traditional Thangka painting.

Baabuk is rooted in the places where it sources the materials and manufacturing and celebrates the local craftsmanship.

Therefore, Kathmandu being one of the manufacturing hubs, I wanted to share an old memory as an homage to the city.


Question 04

Do you remember being 10 / your 10 years old Birthday? How was it?

I don’t remember being 10 years or my 10th birthday. However, I have one funny memory.
In Nepal, during primary school year, whenever there’s some students’ birthday, he/she can come in casual dress and celebrate the birthday in the class, sharing sweets and toffees with classmates and teachers.

My birthday always falls during festive holidays so I never had a chance to celebrate it at school. I very much craved celebrating it there though, with my friends, wearing my favourite dress.

So once I begged my parents to let me have it this way and I asked them to buy me candies for the class and to allow me to go to school in casual dress. And surprisingly they agreed! That one year I had two birthdays, first the authentic birthday in November, and the second one at the school in February!


Question 05

Do you have a personal / fun / interesting story with sheep or wool to share with us? :-) Or something you want to say on this topic?

My mother used to knit a lot.

She always used to knit sweaters and beanies for me. She taught knitting when I was around 8 years old.

We knitted many small square woollen pieces as she taught me and my sisters different type of knitting techniques.

Later she stitched the pieces together into a blanket and we still use it.