How to Dress Comfortably When You Travel

Traveling opens doors to exciting and new experiences! We get to find new interests, we visit places that we haven't seen before, and we expand our learning beyond borders.

While visiting new places might be fun, the trip itself can oftentimes bring exhaustion. Waiting in airports, long drives and so on - we've all been there.

Whether you are traveling for business or fun, one of the most important things that you should pay attention to is your clothing. And no, we don't mean what you pack - rather what you wear during your travel.

When we think about travel clothing, we can only think about one thing - comfort. That's why Baabuk has prepared this guide that will help you pick the best clothing and shoe options for traveling.

Picking the right shirt

Up first is the shirt. Long gone are the days of formal travel attire, which means comfort can be a priority. While we wouldn’t recommend wearing pajamas on your next journey, finding a balance between comfort and style can be easily achieved.

comfortable clothing

When it comes to your top layer, it’s critical that you’re picking something well-fit for your body and is made with breathable, soft material. Icebreaker, for example, uses natural materials to create comfortable shirts for your long journeys.

Bring along a carry-on lightweight jacket!

When you are traveling, always make sure that you have a lightweight jacket accessible. Changing climates or heavy air conditioning are not uncommon, so be prepared. A good rule-of-thumb is to always have something lightweight in your carry-on – just in case!

What about pants?

Will you be heading to shorts-weather climates or chilly terrains? Checking the weather before your journey begins will help identify the best option for your pants selection. A material that is comfortable, stretchable, and breathable will keep you content throughout your journey.

It’s also important to select an option that doesn’t show stains well! With the turbulence of planes, wobbling of trains, and unpredictability of roads, it’s not uncommon for your drink or snack to end up on your lap. While white pants may be stylish, a darker color is more forgiving to the unpredictability of travel.

Same as when picking a shirt - make sure that your travel pants are comfortable. A red-eye flight is probably not the time to try out those brand new skinny jeans.

Shoes for traveling

Traveling often involves a lot of walking. Running across a terminal to catch a plane, carrying luggage in from the car, and strolling through the streets of a new city are all going to test out the comfort of your shoes.

travel shoes

Make sure that you pick the most comfortable travel shoes possible – shoes that are breathable, soft, and adapt to changing climates. Additionally, be aware of your footwear material. Synthetic materials may result in more humid, warm feet resulting in that ever-so-uncomfortable sweaty feet feeling.

Lastly, it’s recommended to travel with footwear that you’ve worn before, making sure it’s adjusted to your feet and won’t be causing any surprise blisters or pain.

Many Baabuk fans have commented on the comfort of travel with our Urban Wooler sneakers. Our breathable, temperature regulating, sockless and soft footwear ensures comfortable feet wherever your travels take you.

traveling sneakers

Happy travels!