Hiking in Switzerland: 5 Tips for a Memorable Outdoor Adventure

Switzerland is a beautiful country. It's known as being a winter-white fantasy, but that doesn't mean that it loses any of its glory when summertime rolls around. With all the beautiful landscapes and nature, Switzerland is a dream place for any outdoor enthusiast. The list of things to do in Switzerland is endless, but hiking is at the top of the list

Hiking in Switzerland is a trend that has been growing for a very long time. With organized adventures hiking trips, a variety of incredible landscapes, and well-maintained trails, it has become a very popular hiking destination.

Being a Swiss brand, we’re very proud of our beautiful surroundings and encourage everyone to experience the wonder that is hiking in Switzerland. The following tips will help you find the perfect excursion through the Swiss mountains.

1. Find the right hike.

If you are planning to hike some of Switzerland's mountain trails, then you should pick a location that is just right for you.

Are you experienced in hiking? If so, how much?

The first thing you should consider when choosing a hike is your experience. Try to go on hikes that you can tackle - ones that you are physically capable of going on.

Whether you’re a beginner to hiking or an advanced adventurer, Switzerland has enough hikes to keep you busy! MySwitzerland offers information on trails of all levels.

hiking in switzerland

2. Wear the right clothes.

Depending on the weather conditions, you should carefully choose what you are going to wear. If you are hiking during the winter, make sure that you are prepared for the conditions. The weather conditions on the mountains can change within minutes so it’s best to pack extra layers in your backpack.

As with any hike, you’ll want to have the appropriate footwear. Hiking boots are the best option as they will provide the support and comfort needed for your trail. Lastly, it is not uncommon to need snowshoes as you reach the summit of your hike.

3. Get ready for the wild.

After you find the right hike and got the right clothes, you should get your gear ready.

It is always recommended to bring food and extra water. A trail map and survival kit consisting of emergency supplies (compass, fire starters, flashlight, etc) is a must on any hike.

You’ll want to be lightweight for comfort on your hike, but don’t sacrifice preparedness for comfort. Extra supplies and clothing may add a little extra weight, but it is better than being stuck without needed supplies.

4. Explore the area.

You may be focusing on the hiking trails, but Switzerland has a lot to offer! Before you head for a hike, make sure that you visit the surrounding area. Grab a coffee from a nearby shop and enjoy yourself before the hike. After you return, you may want to experience a famous Fondue dinner.

After all, the beauty of going on trips is that you get to experience new areas. Enjoy your trip and spend your time as best as you can - even if it's in places that you didn't plan to visit.

5. Bring a camera and have fun!

Turn off your cell phone and enjoy nature. One of the most beautiful things that you can gain from a hike is the internal peace that it gives. Have fun during the hike and take a few photos when you get to the top!  Those Instagram-worthy pics will always remind you of your trip and the beauty of Switzerland