Why Wool Is Good For Kids

Wool is a natural fiber with countless benefits, but did you know that some of these benefits make it the perfect material for children’s clothing? I kid you not; wool is actually an excellent alternative for cotton. It can be used for clothes and beddings alike. Here are some of the reasons why:

Wool is rarely allergenic > This is probably one of the best reasons to get wool. Medical experts agree that real wool allergy is rare. Some of the people claiming to have wool allergy just have sensitive skin. Other synthetic materials can cause rashes and other skin problems – something that you don’t want to happen to your precious little baby! 

The material is perfectly comfortable > Rest assured that your baby will be kept warm and comfortable when they wear wool clothing and shoes. Wool has insulating properties and keeps your body heat steady. It helps regulate body temperature. It allows the skin to breath naturally and prevents sweating. This is particularly helpful for babies who do not know how to regulate heat very well. Imagine, you can keep them warm in winter and cool in summer.

Wool is lightweight & versatile > Wool clothing is not bulky. It is actually extremely lightweight and easy to wear. Same goes with shoes made of wool materials. To show how versatile this product is, you can actually make quite a number of clothing items including hats, socks, vests, pants, trousers, under wear and shoes.

Wool is naturally stain resistant > Wool repels dirt, making it the perfect material for messy children! Wool is resistant to stains, and it saves you the time and energy needed to wash clothing and shoes all the time! It is fully machine washable, just make sure to use an approved wool wash detergent. If you are a mom, you will definitely love this characteristic! 

Wool naturally absorbs moisture > Wool has the ability to absorb moisture up to three times its own weight. This draws the moisture away from the skin and does not leave you feeling damp. This is perfect for kids who have a tendency to play around in wet or moist areas. 

Wool is the best for the environment > Wool is biodegradable and sustainable. Upon decomposition, the material will break down in soil. Furthermore, wool is naturally produced and is available in abundance.

Our kids are precious – and they deserve only the best that the world has to offer. As adults, our duty is to protect them from the harsh elements and from unnecessary harm.