Boots Marine Black

€ 229.00 EUR

It is a boot that will keep your toes extremely warm during the coldest winters! We reinvented an ancestral know-how to produce a boot made of a single piece that is modern, comfortable, and made of wool ! 

Here some of the characteristics

- boot body crafted in one piece with no stitching. 100 % wool. Made in Nepal
- upper wool with merino inner lining
- resists at extreme conditions up to -20 degrees (!)
- durable sole to resist on snow and on ice
- breathable, no overheating of the feet
- moisture absorbent to keep your feets always dry
- water repellent. We will provide an extra bees wax to make the shoe waterproof.
- extra pair of insoles to adjust larger / thinner feet

The project is right now on Kickstarter. You can order the shoes directly on our website or on Kickstarter. The shoes will be delivered in September '17. 


This special offer for 160 euros is only valid until the 24th of March '17 (same duration as the Kickstarter project).

Rewarded with the ISPO award : GOLD Winner

"Tradition reloaded. Sophisticated manufacturing with natural, skin-friendly materials for excellent wearability characteristics."


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