Our Vision


Our ultimate goal is to provide the people of the world with the warmest, 100% natural products starting with Baabuk wool shoes.  

BAABUK is committed to provide everyone with the warmest shoes ever. Nothing can compete to the all-natural 100% wool material that goes into each Baabuk shoe. Our sheep wool natural fiber has a unique property of keeping the feet warm by pulling away moisture from your feet while drawing in heat to keep you comfortable. Wool fibers are dirt, water repellent and resistant to fire making it the most valuable material for the best shoes that would keep your feet comfortably warm. It may even come as surprise to know that natural wool shoes are also great to wear in warm weather condition such as the dessert since it can also act as insulator that will protect the feet from heat.

BAABUK is inspired by nature. Truly nature has perfected everything that a man would ever need. Natural wool is far better than synthetic manmade material and is an excellent component for the most comfortable shoes around. Baabuk only uses 100% all-natural wool that comes from healthy happy sheep from our various suppliers around the world.

BAABUK is inspired by tradition. Preserving the old Valenki tradition of shoe making and, at the same time, incorporating the new innovative design is our commitment. We deliver traditionally handcrafted natural shoes while keeping it trendy for a more modern appeal that urbanites will appreciate. The Baabuk brand represents tradition, nature and innovative design in 100% wool shoes for indoor and outdoor use catering to adults and children.

BAABUK is inspired by our planet Earth. We only have one home and it’s the only living planet-the earth. That is why we must exert conscious efforts to preserve and take care of our only one home. Baabuk is committed in utilizing sustainable resources just like the sheep wool we use and would only use recycled or re-purposed additional materials to preserve the environment. Simple and yet the most eco-friendly felting process is done by using mild soap, water and many hours of dedicated labor. Baabuk utilizes old rubber materials from unusable tires as soles for the shoes and for other eco-friendly items.