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Nuno, Wave Photographer

How do you define what you do? How did start to work with photography?
I’m a Lisbon based photographer, and I do commercial photography. I have a studio, where I shoot product, portrait and advertising photography, essentially. Occasionally I also work in interior and architecture photography.
I started to take pictures at 16. When it came time for college, I took a 3 year course in photography and continued to a degree in product design. By the time I graduated I was already working for a magazine, and decided photography was my thing.
How did you start working on the Waves Project?
I’ve had a really close relationship with the sea, from early on, in my life. I grew up very near the ocean, spent my summers in the water, either surfing or body surfing, so I got pretty acquainted with the sea in all it’s glory, learned how to respect it and how to be safe when going in it.
As a photographer, you train your eye to constantly see pictures, wherever you look, so it was a matter of putting the two together, really. I started to look closelly at the waves as they crashed into the shore. And started to see the beauty in it’s violence. It’s a constant thing, but it’s different every time. And the shapes that result in the collision of water and sand are amazing. Sometimes actual walls of water and sand are formed as the water retracts, and then smash into the ground, or are pushed forward at great speed. One day, I thought “I have to get a housing for a camera and record this”. And so I got the cheapest one I could find, for a smaller mirrorless camera I have, not knowing if it would work, if I could get close enough, but it dit! I get massive beatings, took the housing in the chin, once, but it’s all worth it!
Most interesting thing that defines you are?
Maybe the fact that this is a way I found to keep doing what I actually want to do. I always try to have a personal project going on, besides work. I do a lot of landscape photography, which has always been one of my favorite subjects. I did a portrait project with some of my closest friends and lately started a run of street photography. I think these days I like to go out in the field, out of my comfort zone, and explore new subjects.
Your lucky charm is...?
My little mirrorless camera, which has surprised me in it’s performance many times, and goes with me everywhere.
Prized possession?
I’m not really that attached to any of the objects I own. I do value my family and my friends, a lot.
What is your favourite place and why?
It’s deffenitely Santa Cruz. It’s where I grew up, it’s where I vacation. Where I learned how to ride a bike, how to surf. It’s where I met my wife, where I met most of my friends. Basically where a lot of good things happen.
What is your favourite book and why?
I really enjoyed reading “The hobbit” and “The lord of the rings” trilogy. I’m glad I did it before the films came out, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have read them. Imagining all that universe in writing was a really good experience.
Your dream dinner party would be with?
Close friends, and friends of friends. Usually good friends introduce you to good people. And it’s always nice to meet good people.
In another life, you’d be…?
an automotive journalist. I really love cars. And automotive journalists get to drive a lot of different cars.
One wish for the gold fish:
An upgrade in equipment! I think I can improve a lot with a better camera and a better housing.

Work is...?
A good way to remind you of what’s really important in life (everything else).

The future will be:
Electronically assisted.

The past was:
A privilege.
Share some “words to live by” with us please:
Always do the right thing, even if it means you’ll lose something.
And once in a while, stop and analyze. If you find you are not happy, make ajustements. A few changes may go a long way.